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  • Jackie Boyle (Monday, December 12 16 07:41 am EST)

    This past year has been the most difficult year in my life. Everyone has a story so I know my trials are minor in comparison to others. However, I do want to say what a blessing Michelle has been to me and my family this past year. She herself has had her trials and tribulations that far surpass mine. But when my family was going through difficult times she was there for us. My daughter and myself both participated in her Reiki therapy treatments. Until you have had a Reiki treatment by Michelle it is difficult to describe what a difference it makes both physically and mentally. With my daughter who was diagnosed with leukemia, Michelle did a Reiki treatment with her while she was hospitalized. During and after the treatment my daughter began sweating profusely. It was like the cancer was being drawn out of her body. I myself had a treatment several days before I underwent surgery. I was extremely nervous because if something went wrong I did not want to leave my daughter to face her battle without me. During the Reiki treatment I had such a sense of calmness and peace come over me that I knew everything was going to be okay. So if you are contemplating Reiki I highly recommend Michelle. She is the real thing. She is extremely compassionate and has the gift of Reiki. She can help you with your physical and emotional pain through her special and spiritual manner.

  • Rae Roseland (Thursday, April 14 16 09:33 am EDT)

    I want thank Sarah Heim for being the link that brought Michelle Huffman BACK into my life. We are so connected and didn't really know it until this year. What a blessing she is!. I started my
    journey to Reiki Oct 2015 and its only just begun. So exited!! We started doing Reiki shares where we give one another Reiki and share thoughts, ideas, books, meditations ect. It has brought me to
    where I now feel that my dreams can become reality. Sky isn't the limit anymore for me! No limits. Michelle is such a sweet, kind and gentle soul. Exactly what I'm thankful for to have in my life.
    Thank you God for Michelle.. Not sure if she knows how much I love her yet but she will <333 Thank you Michelle for being an awesome friend, an amazing teacher and your beautiful self. I can't
    wait to see what these years together will bring us! Such joy!

  • Sarah (Thursday, March 10 16 08:29 pm EST)

    I have started to do Reiki will Michelle and have learned a lot about the amazing ability's we all posses. We have fun discussions and have talked about adding more people to reiki shares. The more
    people that do this, could make a stronger efect. This is a gift that we all need to share. :)

  • Ceil Kidd (Sunday, March 22 15 02:02 pm EDT)

    Michelle is a very caring, compassionate person. I first was introduced to her when she presented a program at the local library. She has extensive training in the art of Reiki as a provider and as
    an instructor.
    I found her treatments of great help to me during an especially hard time in my life.
    Her gentle manner had a calming effect that almost immediately relieved the tension buildup in my body and restored me once again to a relaxed state of clear thinking and peacefulness.

  • Susan Bartholomew (Sunday, March 22 15 02:02 pm EDT)

    (Wednesday, March 18 15 02:10 pm EDT)

    Michelle and I were classmates from 1975. but when I happen to be at the library and saw an advertisement for a Reiki class and realize that Michelle was the teacher I decided to attend it was very
    informative and I approached Michelle and ask her if she could do a Reiki treatment on me. I too had lost my only son in 2009 to an accidental suicide and the grief was overwhelming me physically and
    emotionally. as I lay on the table and Michele's hands moved over me I could feel the warmth of your hands almost like a sunlamp it was so warm moving across my body and lifting some of the heaviness
    in the pain that I was feeling physically and emotionally. I can honestly say I was a different person they got off of that better than I was when I lay down my emotions were later my body felt
    better I wasn't in so much physical pain.
    I am A 100% believer in the Reiki treatment with Michelle gives and would highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering from pain or physical and mental pain it works wonders and gives you a new
    life to live!

  • Eska Paumier (Sunday, March 22 15 02:01 pm EDT)

    (Tuesday, March 11 14 08:21 am EDT)

    I was introduced to Reiki a few years ago after I suffered the loss of my mother in a horrible and violent way. Her death and the investigation that resulted caused tremendous stress and anxiety in
    my life. Michelle, as a long time close friend, was a support to me at that time. She encouraged me to let her perform a Reiki Treatment.
    By nature, I am a skeptical person so I grudgingly went along with this at first because Michelle was so insistent that it could help me. I thought I was doing HER a favor. Within a few minutes of
    the start of my first session I could feel the healing energy of Michelle’s hands soothing me. I don’t know any way to describe it other than to say that it seemed like a massage of my inner
    I had multiple sessions with Michelle and always left feeling calmer, more at ease, and with a sense of well-being. At that time in my life Michelle’s gift was an invaluable therapy for me and I
    recommend it to anyone struggling emotionally or mentally with personal issues, heartache, or trauma.
    After my own positive experience with Reiki, when my husband battled cancer and during his recovery to health after powerful chemo treatments, I encouraged him (an even bigger skeptic) to have a
    Reiki treatment with Michelle. He was amazed at the feeling of healing during his treatment. He experienced noticeable increased energy and vigor afterward. He asked Michelle to return for multiple
    sessions during his recovery period. To this day he credits Michelle and her “Reiki” for helping to speed his recovery.
    After seeing for myself its benefits, I now believe that Reiki is a special way to care for your inner self. It is a quiet kind of healing for your spirit and your energy.

  • Mike Hazen (Sunday, March 22 15 01:59 pm EDT)

    (Saturday, February 15 14 07:50 pm EST)

    Awesome job!

  • Michelle (Sunday, March 22 15 01:57 pm EDT)


    It was in August of 2011 we learned that my father had a two inch brain aneurism. The doctor at the Cleveland Clinic recomended an angio procedure that would be much less invasive than brain surgery.
    He made it perfectly clear that they did not want to do brain surgery on an 84 year old diabetic because they did not heal well.

    In September he had the procedure but the end result was that it failed. The doctor said there were too many twists and turns in his arteries for the medical device to get to the location of the
    aneurism. The only thing to do now was the brain surgery. We had no choice.

    Three weeks following the failed procedure my father was still having a hard time recovering. We wondered just how hard of a time he was going to have recovering from the surgery if he was having
    this difficult of a time from the "easy" procedure.

    I couldn't take it anymore. My father would not hear of me speaking about Reiki since he thought I had lost my mind from when my seventeen year old son tragically fell to his death in 2009. I didn't
    care. I had to try. I said to him, "Dad, please just let me try. I promise I will never bring Reiki up to you again if you don't like it but please just let me try."

    Well, he let me bully him onto the table but wouldn't sit still for more than 20 minutes. He did feel noticeably better when he got up and was even whistling which he hadn't done in a long time. He
    still would not admit that it was from the Reiki but a few days later he came to me and asked, "Would you do that thing again?"

    For the next few weeks prior to the brain surgery I gave my father Reiki every few days right up until he went into the operating room. It was a success and even the doctor was surprised to see him
    want to go home in two days when he was expected to be there five to seven. I had told the doctor that I had been giving him Reiki but he was not a believer.

    I continued to treat my father over and six weeks later we went to the follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon. He was quite surprised at my fathers progress and said in amazement to him, "You
    are resilient!" And then he looked over at me and said, "And maybe a little Reiki".

    Michelle Huffman


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