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HUFFMAN LEGEND: Miss me but let me go

Huffman Legend is the true story of how my incredible son helps his grieving mother to heal,  from the other side.  He was charismatic, funny and kind and finished his junior year as a school hero when he won a gold medal in track at State. 


He got a job at a local tree company after school let out for the summer.  I argued against it because of a premonition I had, but no one would take me serious.


A few weeks later, while working in Gretchen's Lock, famous for being haunted, he fell 100 feet of a rocky cliff and my baby was gone.  He was only seventeen.


I was destroyed.  Tranquilizers and tequilla became a way of life, until a psychic said that it made him sad to see me cry all the time because it made him feel like he broke me.  It was time for a change an I replaced medication with meditation.


One I was sober, I started noticing signs.  Lots of them!  Strange phenomena that defied logical explanation and that continue on a regular basis.  


It has helped to heal my grief and launched me on a spiritual journey that would change my life forever.



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